1/25 ZST SWAT! in FACE Vol. 2 - Live Results

Saturday 24 January 2009

The focus might be on Affliction (with good reason) tomorrow, but in Tokyo ZST is putting on 2 events! I am there for both, and will give you live results! The first event is SWAT! in FACE Vol. 2. This is the smaller and cheaper (in terms of ticket price) of the 2 cards, but there is some good talent in this event.

Part of this card is the Genesis flyweight semi-finals and final, and that should provide excitement in itself (who doesnt like tournaments). But the main-event should be a very good fight! Tomohiko Yoshida is an up and coming star in ZST and he is taking on an experienced competitor in "Toraji".

The event starts at 13.00, so it should be going on as the Affliction card goes towards the main event.

I am not allowed to use a computer or take picuters at this event, so safe to say this is the last time I pay to go to ZST. The results will be up in a few hours.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ok, so after I have come over the frustrations... The managed to pull off 11 fights in 2 hours, and I have to say that any organization that want to improve on that has to work hard!! Tsuruya really showed the difference between a world class grappler and a good grappler today. It was a fun, but once it hit the ground, one sided fight.

Yoshida also proved himself as a talented guy. Next he would like to challenge for the welterweight title, the champion will be be determined later today.

Genesis Flyweight Tournament Semi-Finals:
1. Semi-Final 2: Hiroyuki Ai Def. Keisuke Tamaru by decision
Ai is clearly the muay thai fighter and is close to ending the with knees. Again as the bell rings, Ai is clearly in control, this time on the ground and the rear naked choke takes Tamaru to the verge of being out cold. It goes to the judges though and its an easy decision.

2. Semi-Final 1: Yoshiya Shinba Def. Yasushi Yasunaka by arm-bar Round 1
Shinba is the better guy on the ground, he gets the fight there and secures the arm-bar win in the 1st round.

3. Feather: Keizo Hisamoto Def. Tetsuya Nishi
Hisamoto takes the fight to the ground, from there he transitions into an arm-bar, but Nishi defends well. Hisamoto transitions into a triangle and does a straight arm-bar from there.

4. Light: Yujiro Yamamoto vs. Yosuke Ako DRAW
Yamamoto gets out of several arm-bar attempts, Ako is unable to secure the win and the time runs out. It ends in a DRAW.

5. Welter: Kendo Kouda vs. Masaya Doi
This seems like a missmatch, Doi is the better fighter but is unable to finish the fight. Clearly frustrated he throws everything at Kouda but time runs out. Again, it ends in a draw.

6. Minimum (female): Mamiko Mizoguchi Def. Ayumi Funakoshi
Mizuguchi has come to bang! She dominates the standup and Funakoshi is attempting takedowns. Mizuguchi is clearly the more rounded fighter, and the ref has to step in to save Funakoshi while the fight is standing.

7. Middle - GT-F Rule: Hiroshi Tsuruya Def. Ichiro Kojima
Tsuruya comes out wearing a gi, and somehow I know what is coming. It takes a few minutes before he gets the takedown, but once it hits the ground Kojima has no answers, Tsuruya gets mount and pulls his gi around Kojima's neck, securing the lapel choke. Kojima is forced to tap.

Genesis Finals:
8. Welter Final: Hiroyuki Ito Def. Yoshinari Asano by Decision
Ito utilizes his better stand-up, I would have liked to see more uppercuts and he would have finished Asano. It goes to the judges and Ito gets the decision.

9. Flyweight Final: Hiroyuki Ai Def. Yoshiya Shinba by mounted triangle-choke
Hiroyuki Ai does not want this fight on the ground, but that is where it goes. Shinba has a very tight arm-bar that Ai defends well. Somehow in round 2 Ai finds himself on top, Shinba is tired and Ai is able to pull off a mounted triangle choke! A good and very deserving winner on the night!

10. Bantam: Ichiro Sugita Def. Shin Takenaka by TKO Round 2 0:33
Takenaka goes for a leg-lock early, but Sugita gets out and deciedes he wants to keep the fight standing. Both fighters are willing to trade punches and it is a very entertaining fight. When round 2 starts, they continue to trade but Takenaka is hit early and a big cut has opened over his right eye. The doctor dont need much time to determine that this fight can not continue. TKO win to Sugita.

11. Welter: Tomohiko Yoshida Def. Ryo "Toraji" Nakajima by toe-hold Round 1
I have been looking forward to seeing Yoshida in action. He does not disappoint and showes good balance and composure. "Toraji" is giving it everything, but Yoshida is able to over power him. I think it is a toe-hold, but hard to see from my angle. A good performance by Yoshida.


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