2/4 JEWELS Second Ring - Fights Announced

Monday 2 February 2009

DREAM has a reputation for being late in announcing their match-ups, but the day before the event, Jewels have added 3 fights to the card! Honestly, I think this card is missing a big fight... I dont know what the main-event will be, but I guess Ishioka vs. Kobayashi.

Hiroko vs. Takeda should be a close fight, and so should Takimoto vs. Tamada. But these are not going a draw a big crowd.

I guess the draws on this card will be Ishioka, and the 2 pro-wrestlers making their debuts (Chihiro Oikawa and Hanako Kobayashi).

Also keep an eye on Harumi, she is 0-9 and will be fighting to avoid her 10th straight loss. I hope she can get a big win here, but have a feeling Tomita might be too strong.

60kg: HARUMI 0-9-0 vs. 1-0-0 Rina Tomita

Opening Fights:Amature-Rule -48kg 5min x1R: MIYOKO vs. Satoko Kameda
Grappling-Rule -55kg 4min x1R: Yuko Oya vs. Rikako Yuasa

Previously Announced:
58kg: Saori Ishioka 6-3-0 vs. Hanako Kobayashi
Open: Mayumi Aoki "Benkei" 2-6-0 vs. Chihiro Oikawa
Open: Hiroko 5-1-0 vs. 3-2-1 Michiko Takeda
48kg: Misaki Takimoto 9-9-4 vs. 8-4-3 Yasuko Tamada
52kg: Masako Yoshida 14-14-5 vs. 0-1-0 Shinsaki Ozawa
60kg: Shizuka Sugiyama 1-0-0 vs. 1-0-0 Shiho


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