3/28 HEAT 9 - Tournament Finals

Wednesday 4 February 2009

HEAT has had a welterweight MMA rules and a middleweight kick-rule tournaments going. They have now reached the finals of these tournaments and they should be very good.

For the MMA rules, 2 relatively unknown fighters will face eachother. Justin Holdaas defeated Yoshitaro Niimi in his semi final. He will face Max Fernandez, who defeated Hyong Yo Im in his semi final. Both these fighters are very talented, and I am sure we will hear from both in the future. As for predicitons, this should be a very close fight. Fernandez being more a BJJ specialist, Holdaas more a wrestling base, personally I think the cage gives a slight advantage to wrestlers. Watch out for Max Fernandez's submissions though, he has finished all his 3 fights in a combined time of 3:45!

This is the MMA-Rule HEAT Welterweight title belt:

In the kick-rule middleweight final, Thai fighter Fabiakato "RS Promotion" Lukafa will face Japanese Kinji. This should also be a good and close fight, but I would give a slight advantage to the Thai fighter in this one.

This is the HEAT Kick-Rule Middleweight title belt:

Also on the card will be the heavyweight kick- and MMA-rule semi-finals. There are some very good fighters in both of these tournaments as well!

Welterweight MMA-Rule Tournament Final:
Justin Holdaas vs. 3-0-0 Max Fernandez

Middleweight Kick-Rule Tournament Final:
Fabiakato "RS Promotion" Lukafa (?) vs. Kinji

Heavyweight MMA-Rule Semi-Final Participants:
Sentoryu 4-7-0
Dong Yi Yang 4-0-0
Christiano Kaminishi 5-1-0
Sang Soo Lee 11-5-0

Heavyweight Kick-Rule Tournament Semi-Final Participants:
Makoto Uehara
Moon Bo Ram
Hiromi Amada
Goutoku Onda


Glenn Fearnley 4 February 2009 at 17:29  

really interested in the hw gp.

Borre 4 February 2009 at 19:07  

The HW Tournaments should be good, but I am really excited about the welterweight final.

Holdaas and Fernandez are both very good, and you will see these guys on a bigger stage very soon!

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