4/5 Pancrase Changing Tour 2 - Fights Added

Friday 6 February 2009

Pancrase have added 2 fights to the main-card for their April 5 event. In addition to that, 6 participants were announced. This card will also include the welterweight King of Pancrase fight and Neo-Blood Tournament fights!

If you are planning to go to this, I really recommend getting the most out of it, go to the Neo-Blood Tournament fights too!! They were very entertaining last time. The set up and explainations are after the main-card.

Speaking of the Neo-Blood Tournament, 3 of last year's finalists will be on the main card (Isao Hirose, Hirotoshi Saito and Takuya Eizumi).

Added to the main-card:
Welter: Masahiro Toryu 6-4-4 vs. 3-8-2 Seiki Ryo
Fly: Isao Hirose 4-0-0 vs. Takeyasu Hirono

Previously Announced:
Welterweight King of Pancrase title fight:
Takuya Wada 18-8-9 vs. 6-7-0 Tomoyoshi Iwamiya

Koji Oishi 17-8-5
Ichiro Kanai 9-9-3
Yuichi Ikari 10-5-3
Takuya Eizumi 4-1-0
Tashiro Akai (Nishiuchi) 9-5-9
Hirotoshi Saito 2-0-1

That was the main-card, it will start at 5PM. The Neo-Blood fights start about 2:45 and I really recommend these. I promise that they will be just as entertaining as the main-card.

There are some things I am not 100% sure on, but the eliminators last week will fight finals this time. I can only assume they will enter the tournament with the other participants listed below (otherwise it doesnt make sense to me). The fighters that fought in the eliminators were inexperienced compared to some of the fighters that are entering the 1st round.

There are 6 (3 for lightweight) participants for each weight class listed below, but include the eliminator fights and it will make sense.

This will be the 1st round in the tournament, 2nd round will be in June and Finals in August.

15th Neo-Blood Eliminator Finals (1x5min.):
Fly: Daisuke Tsujita vs. Gou Yamanaka
Bantam:Daisuke Sugishima vs. Taro Shimmasaki
Feather: Shigeyuki Uchiyama vs. Takehito Noguchi
Light: Koshi Obata vs. Keigo Hirayama

15th Neo-Blood Tournament Participants:
Flyweight 58.0kg
Kiyotaka Shimizu 0-1-1
Takuma Ishii 1-3-1
Toshihiro Shimizu 1-0-0
Tokuaki Ninomiya 3-5-0
Yuichiro Yajima 6-6-1
Keiji Nakamura

Bantamweight 61.2kg
Daisuke Endo 3-2-0
Ranki Kawana 9-1-6
Hayato Shimizu4-2-1
Ryota Sasaki 1-2-1
Nobuhiro Yoshitake
Shoko Sato 3-0-0

Featherweight 65.8kg
Motonobu Tezuka 6-3-2
You Saito
Koji Tomita 1-0-0
Yasutomo Tanaka 5-2-4
Masaru Ueda
+ 1 TBA

Lightweight 70.3kg
Hirotaka/Koji Tomiyama 0-5-1 (Think its the same guy twice on Sherdog)
Koji Tamura


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