Pancrase Ranking Update - February

Monday 9 February 2009

There has been a few changes this time, due to inactivity and fights in Changing Tour 1.

The main changes are in the feather-weight division, where Jameel Massouh and Masanori Kanehara comes into the ranking.

Open-Weight (No Change):
10th. Open-Weight King of Pancrase]: Josh Barnett

Heavy-weight 93.0kg~120.2kg (No change):
4th Heavy-weight King of Pancrase: Available

-I hope Pancrase get something going in the heavy-weight division soon. Stanislav Nedkov looked like a good prospect and I hope to see him back soon.
-The last "King of Pancrase" was Assuerio Silva, but his title defence fight with Kestutis "Tiger" Arbocius October 14 2007 was cancelled. Since then, there has been little action at this weight in Pancrase.

Lightheavy-Weight 83.9kg~93.0kg (No Change):
4th. Lightheavy-Weight King of Pancrase: Ryo Kawamura
1: Keiichiro Yamamiya

Middle-Weight 77.1kg~83.9kg (No Change):
7th. Middle-weight King of Pancrase: Izuru Takeuchi
Interim Middle-weight King of Pancrase: Yuki Kondo
1: Alavutdin Gadzhiyev
2: Ichiro Kanai

Welter-weight 70.3kg~77.1kg (No Change):
4th. Welter-weight King of Pancrase: Takuya Wada
1: Tomoyoshi Iwamiya
2: Masahiro Toryu
3: Jason Palacios
4: Hiroyuki Nozawa

-Iwamiya will face Wada for the title at Changing Tour 2, in April.

Light-weight 65.8kg~70.3kg:
2nd. Light-weight King of Pancrase: Katsuya Inoue
1: Koji Oishi
2: ↑ Yukio Sakaguchi
3: ↑ Yuichi Ikari
4: ↑ Daisuke Hanazawa

-Due to inactivity, Artur Oumakhanov drops out of the ranking.

-Artur Oumakhanov was very impressive in his early Pancrase and GCM fights, 2006 and 2007 were 2 very good years for him. Then he lost to Shoji Maruyama and Katsuhiko Nagata. I hope to see him back in Japan soon, a very exciting fighter when he is "on".

Feather-weight 61.2kg~65.8kg:
1st. Feather-weight King of Pancrase: Marlon Sandro
1: ↑ Jameel Massouh
2: ↓ Masaya Takita
3: ↑ Masanori Kanehara
4: ↓ Kenji Arai

-Jameel Massouh and Masanori Kanehara moves into the ranking on the back of their wins in Changing Tour 1.

-Seems strange to me that Kanehara gets a spot in Sengoku FW GP for defeating a lower ranked fighter than Massouh, who until now does not have a spot in the GP. I hope we see Massouh in the GP as well.

Bantam-weight: 58.0kg~61.2kg:
1st. Bantamweight King of Pancrase: Manabu Inoue
1: Seiya Kawahara

-Tatsuya So is taken out of the ranking due to inactivity.

Fly-weight 58.0kg (No Change):
1st. Fly-weight King of Pancrase: Available
1位:Mitsuhisa Sunabe
2位:Takuya Eizumi
3位:Isao Hirose


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