2/11 Shoot Boxing - RESULTS

Wednesday 11 February 2009

Big event happening in Korakuen hall today. It is sold out and there are some very interesting MMA fighters on the card too.

Rumina Sato and Mamoru Yamaguchi, both big Shooto names, are making their Shoot Boxing debuts. In addition to that Miku Matsumoto is having her 2nd Shoot Boxing fights.

There are also some very good Shoot Boxers and Muay Thai fighters on the card too. Including Hiroki Shishido, Greg Foley, Kenji Kanai and Noriyuki Enari.

I will be updating the results as they become available.

Feels like Australia is invading Japan today, there are 2 Aussie fighters on this card in addition to that, the Australian soccer team is playing Japan (0-0 after 1st half).

12. 70kg: Hiroki Shishido Def. Wei Shu Lei (?) by KO Round 3 1:54
11. 70kg: Greg Foley Def. Kenji Kanai by TKO Round 1 0:37
10. 56kg: Mamoru Yamaguchi Def. Noriyuki Enari by Decision 3-0
9. 60kg: Akifumi Utagawa Def. Takeshi Ishikawa by decision 3-0 after extention
8. 65kg: Rumina Sato Def. Matt Campbell by TKO Round 2 2:14
(Japanese media is saying Mike Campbell, please correct me if I am wrong, I believe it is Matt Campbell...)

7. 71kg: Takaaki Umeno Def. Taiga Yamaguchi by decision 3-0
6. 60kg: Hiroaki Suzuki Def. Koya Shimada by decision 3-0
5. 51kg: Miku Matsumoto Def. Misato Tomita by KO Round 1 1:01
4. 55kg: Masahiro Fujimoto Def. Kazuyuki Fushimi by Decision 2-0
3. 55kg: Hiroaki Okuwa Def. Shinsaki (?) Ozawa by KO ext. Round 0:47
2. 57kg: Tatsuhiro Takashima Def. Yoshifumi Arai by decision 3-0
1. 71kg: Hideto Imano Def. Masatomi Kawachi by decision 2-0

MIKU has now won her 2 Shoot Boxing fights, it is a very good and impressive result for her.

Rumina makes it a double for the MMA fighters so far. A strong performance from him, and I have a feeling we will see more of him in Shoot Boxing.

Mamoru also pulls out the win, a very good night for the MMA fighters.


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