DREAM 7 Press Conference - PICTURES

Friday 6 February 2009

I was sent these exclusive pictures from the DREAM press conference yesterday, thanks to William for sending these over!

It should be an awesome event, and judging from the response, looks like the DREAM selection is more popular than the Sengoku one so far.

I also think it is really interesting that they have announced that the fight between Shoji and DJ Taiki is a GP qualifier. It creates an interesting situation, similar to what we get with the tournament it self. The fight will take place February 10, and should be a very good one!

Takafumi Otsuka is one of the young talented guys added to this GP. A lot of people favor him, and with a guy like Antonio Carvalho speaking highly of him, he should have a chance.

Atsushi Yamamoto is the Krazy Bee addition to the tournament (will there be one more Yamamoto?)

Imanari have taken leg-locks to a different level. Will he be able to do what Kitaoka did?

I am excited to see "Wicky" Akiyo in this tournament! His no-guard way of fighting is exciting, but taken down he wont be able to do much.

Hideo Tokoro is one of the big DREAM stars.

Here is Shoji getting his DREAM profile picture taken.


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