3/8 DREAM Featherweight GP Participants Announced!

Thursday 5 February 2009

Not too many surprises, but it looks like a solid GP. Joe Warren was a name I didnt expect, he is a wrestler coming out of Team Quest, so ti will be interesting to see what he can do.

Some very familiar DREAM fighters in here. Atsushi Yamamoto was expected after his win over Tokoro, but does that mean that Krazy Bee is contributing 2 Yamamoto's? I was also half expecting Kazuyuki Miyata to be in there...

DREAM did announce that they intended 8 Japanese and 8 foreigh fighters, currently there are 6 Japanese and 5 foreign. If we assume (and I am) that "Kid" is in, there is room for 1 more Japanese and 3 foreign fighters. Just to be clear, FEG is saying that "Kid"'s participation is not assured. It is also worth nothing that no European fighter is included.

There should be some very good match-ups in here, it is also interesting to compare the Sengoku GP to the DREAM GP. Seems like DREAM is going more with established fighters (especially the Japanese), where as Sengoku has added some very young fighters.

Masakazu Imanari 15-6-1
"Wicky" Akiyo Nishiura 9-3-1
Takafumi Otsuka 8-3-1
Hiroyuki Takaya 9-6-1
Hideo Tokoro 21-15-1
Atsushi Yamamoto 12-5-1
Bibiano Fernandes 3-2-0
Micah Miller 10-2-0
Chase Beebe 12-3-0
Joe Warren
Kim Jong Won

Winner of DJ Taiki vs. Shoji DEEP 2.10

In addition to announcing the tournament participants, DREAM announced their schedule (which they sort of already had), for 2009. It looks like this:

3.20 DREAM 7 Featherweight GP Round 1 - Saitama Super Arena
4.5 DREAM 8 Welterweight GP - Nippon Gaishi Hall (Nagoya)
5.? DREAM 9 Featherweight GP Round 2 - Kanto (Tokyo) Area
7.20 DREAM 10 Welterweight GP Finals - Saitama Super Arena
9.? DREAM 11 Featherweight GP Finals - Kanto (Tokyo) Area
10.? DREAM 12 (TBA)
12.31 Dynamite - Saitama Super Arena


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