Friday 20 February 2009

A good DEEP card in Korakuen Hall today. I will be there and if everything goes to plan, I will give you the results live. I will try to get some comments about the fights added too, but there will be no PBP. I am taking pictures, so it would just be too much.

There are several interesting fights on here, the winner of the main event will qualify for the DREAM welterweight GP.

Riki Fukuda and the veteran Ryuta Sakurai will square off to see who will be the next challenger for the DEEP Middleweight title, currently held by Yuichi Nakanishi.

Future Fights:
1. Muneyuki Sato Def. Yasuhiro Motomura by TKO Round 1 4:06
Muneyuki Sato is bloody and had to be checked by the doctors a couple of times, but he shows a lot of heart and get a TKO win.

2. Hideto Kondo vs. 2-3-0 Hiroshi Kobayashi DRAW
There are no decisions in the future fights, otherwise Mach Dojo' Kondo would have gotten this.

3. 65.8kg: Naohiro Mizuno Def. Hiroto by Decision 3-0

4. 70.3kg: Kota Okazawa Def. Yuki Ito by Decision 2-0
Okazawa was the better fighter on the ground and he was able to take it there on will.

5. 77.1kg: Hiroki Nagaoka Def. Yoshitomo Watanabe by Decision 3-0

6. 93kg: Shunsuke Inoue 4-3-1 vs. 2-6-0 Minoru Kato DRAW
Inoue was getting the takedowns in round 1, Kato got in some good shots using his distance. Round 2 Inoue got tired.

7. Open: Kazuhisa Tazawa Def. Tim "Big Perm" Persey by Arm-Triangle Round 1 2:55
An entertaining fight, Tazawa is able to take Persey down and choke him out with an arm-triangle. Persey had the better of the fight early, but looked like he got tired.

8. 77.1kg: Hidehiko Hasegawa Def. Makoto Ishikawa by Decision 3-0

There is a 10 minute break and it was announced that Mitsuhiro Ishida and Daisuke Nakamura will face off at DREAM 7, I THINK!!! I am a little drunk and was not paying too much attention, but thats what it looked like.

Lightweight Tournament:
9. Koichiro Matsumoto Def. Jutaro Nakao by Decision 3-0
Matsumoto kicked the crap out of Nakao's right leg, a good stretegic victory.

10. Katsunori Kikuno Def. Bu Kyung Jung by TKO Round 1 4:15
Bu Kyung Jung cant buy a win... Kinkuno finds the opening with left high-kicks and Jung is not defending. After 3 he goes down for good.

Next DEEP Middleweight Challenger:
11. Riki Fukuda Def. Ryuta Sakurai by TKO Round 1 0:45
Very Quick win.

Main Event - DREAM Welterweight GP Qualifier:
12. Seichi Ikemoto Def. Hidetaka Monma by TKO Round 1 1:42
The DEEP Champion is in the DREAM welterweight GP!!


Glen's world 20 February 2009 at 07:34  

Makoto Ishikawa...Gambatte. Long time since he was in the ring!

Meyer 20 February 2009 at 19:34  

Ishida vs Daisuke would be sick

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