2/23 K-1 World MAX Japan Tournament - LIVE Results

Monday 23 February 2009

Well, I got my ticket and will be able to give you the live results for this event!!!

Should be a good event. Some of my previews here and controversy here

The event starts at 17.00 Japan time, and there are spoilers if you read on.

The event should start shortly.

Opening Fights:
1. Tournament Reserve fight: Keiji Ozaki vs. Yasuhito Shirasu
Round 1 is judged a draw and Shirasu takes the second. Ozaki has to perform in the last round

Yasuhito Shirasu gets the decision 3-0 and is the reserve fighter in the tournament.

2. Opening Fight 3min. x 3: Shingo Garyu vs. Hiroyuki Owatari
Judges score round 1 to Owatari, after Garyu was knocked down early. The second round gooes the other way and its all even after 2 rounds.

An entertaining fight goes to the judges. Garyu gets the decision 2-0

3. Superfight - K-1 Youth Rule: Hiroya Def. Kizaemon Saiga by Decision 2-0

Japan Tournament 1st. Round (3x3min 1 r ext.):
4. Nagajima☆Jienotsu☆Juichiro Def. HAYATO by TKO Round 2
Nagajima had a cut checked early, but comes back and finishes the fight decisively.

5. TATSUJI vs. Yuya Yamamoto After 3 Rounds 0-1 the fight will go to an extra round
Tatsuji takes count with just seconds left in the round, and it costs him the fight. Yuya Yamamoto goes into the Semi-final

6. Yasuhiro Kido vs. Hinata Watanabe 1-0 The fight is scored a draw after 3 rounds and we will have an extra round.
Watanabe is able to keep Kido at a distance gets the decision 3-0

7. Taishin Kohirumaki Def. Andy Ologun by decision 2-0
Ologun will be deducted a point for missing weight, Kohirumaki got a yellow for holding, but still pulled out a win in the last round. Boring fight until the last round.

8. Superfight: Albert Kraus Def. Lee Soo Hwan by Decision 3-0

Japan Tournament Semi-finals:
9. Yuya Yamamoto Def. Nagajima☆Jienotsu☆Juichiro by TKO Round 3 0:59
Nagajima's cut opens up again, and the doctors stops the fight. This was fight of the night so far.

10. Taishin Kohirumaki Def. Yasuhiro Kido* by KO Round 2
Hinata Watanabe is unable to fight in the semi-final because of a broken nose, he is replaced by

11. Superfight: Daisuke Uematsu Def. Kazuhisa Watanabe by Decision 3-0
This fight felt more than an exhibition fight than a proper k-1 fight. Watanabe, the bokser lost a clear decision in the end

12. Superfight: Yoshihiro Sato Def. Sergey Golyaev by KO Round 2 1:18
Golyaev is limping after the 1st round, and all Sato has to do in the second is to hit his left leg. Eventually the Russian Muay Thai champion is unable to stand.

Main-Event Japan Tournament Final:
13. Yuya Yamamoto vs. Taishin Kohirumaki
The final was fight of the night. Kohiromaki knocked Yamamoto down in the 1st round and seemed to be crusing to victory, when he was knocked down himself in the last round. The fight went to the judges and it was a deserved win for Kohirumaki.


Anonymous,  23 February 2009 at 22:30  

Damn I wish I could watch live

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